Another silly little poem

I don’t believe you when you say

I’m just a phone call away,

Hate to break it to myself

But no one cares if I’m okay,

Spent my whole life searching for a sign

Maxed all my credit cards,

So why am I still waiting in line?

Butter me up,

With all your fake validations,

I’ll still take it

Cause I don’t know any better,

No one can like me,

Even I do not like me.

They say words change world’s,

But mine just feels like bullshit scribbles across a blank page,

Just waiting to go up in flames

Anytime I feel like striking a match…

I don’t wanna be another Indian,

With a loud and annoying opinion,

Not saying I don’t care about my country,

I just have my own demons to deal with,

And I don’t think anyone would even care,

To listen to a boy who can’t even graduate.

Eventually they’ll end up in flames,

Trust me, they’ll all end up in flames…

With love, Pradipta 🙏

Published by Pradipta Surya Chakraborty

Here is where I document my life. Every moment, every thought, every emotion. I hope you stay, dear reader, but if you leave... There are no hard feelings.

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