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Stay mindful (until you can’t)

Recently, I happened upon an youtube clip of a yogi talking about being present in the moment at all times. He talked about how alertness and mindfulness are two completely different things. The meat and potatoes of the yogi’s articulation aside, his main motive behind the whole speech was an answer to a question asked by one of the disciples- how to start one’s journey into spiritualism as a beginner. To answer the question, he rather playfully pointed out one of the audience member’s T-Shirts which had the letter “A” printed on it. “Start there” he said “Start at the beginning”.

Which begs the question, where is the beginning? Where exactly does this coveted threshold into the realm of spirituality lie? Where is the entrance to this alphabet of the many unbinding limitlessness beyond the boundaries of space and time?

And to be absolutely direct, where is “A”?

I haven’t been able to solve this seemingly simple riddle yet. Let me know what/ where lies the gateway to mindfulness and spiritualism according to you. Until then, have a blessed day and stay content.

Yours truly,


Published by Pradipta Surya Chakraborty

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