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Expect nothing, hope for everything

Hi. It’s me again. Your internet friend who flickers on and off more than a candle in the wind. Sorry, I have some severe abandonment issues to work through. Anyways, the doom and gloom aside, let’s get on with today’s post!

Okay, so just by a show of ghostly- interweb-hands, how many of y’all remember the last time you felt really disappointed in yourself for not measuring up to your and/or other’s expectations? Okay, okay, I see a lot of translucent spirit hands. Hmm, now raise your hands if you remember the exact moment you felt overjoyed because you were beyond proud of yourself for really exceeding yours and/or other’s expectations. I’m not going to let you know the results of this poll on accounts of lacking psychic abilities required to see internet-translucent-generic-poll-question-show-of-hands. Yeah, yeah, I know I’m a fraud. But you see what I’m getting at here right?

The word “Hope” is not judgemental. While the word “Expect” is pretty much the opposite. It’s harsh. It evokes emotions of ruthless competition. It leaves little to no room for failure. In other words, it’s a form of covert negative reinforcement that’s basically setting us up to fail even before we’ve started. Words are powerful. Words are important. Words are everything.

On the other hand, words like “Hope” “Wish” and “Aim” are softer, without the negative implications of competition woven into it’s interpretation. The way we talk to ourselves directly leads to happiness. Not success. Not achievement. Not winning. But happiness. Isn’t that the ultimate reason we even think of trying to “ace” those things in the first place?

Just my two cents. Feel free to leave your opinions on the matter in the comments below. And if you have any suggestions for the next post on Pradyonthebeat, type away 🙂

With love,

Prady ❤️

Published by Pradipta Surya Chakraborty

Here is where I document my life. Every moment, every thought, every emotion. I hope you stay, dear reader, but if you leave... There are no hard feelings.

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