A poem from the depth of my personal debris

My mama always saidTo grow upBut I guess I grew downNever listenedNever really caredNow I’m at a crossroadsBut I never even dared To just close my eyesAnd to take a deep breathI’m not a person who dwells in the pastBut sometimes I wonderWhy I always come last Maybe it’s just in my genesBut I neverContinue reading “A poem from the depth of my personal debris”

Blue pill, yellow pill and the white one that makes you go numb…

Just my second post and I’m already jumping into the heavy stuff. Whew! Boy is this gonna be a doozy. So I feel like you should know a little about me before I start rambling. You know, just so you can get the context. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m all about being mysteriousContinue reading “Blue pill, yellow pill and the white one that makes you go numb…”

A new story begins…

So, here I am, starting a new chapter of my life. And what better way to start than quoting your favorite poet? I believe it’s prudent, if not necessary, to begin your journey as a writer by paying homage to your source of inspiration and strength. The strength to wake up every morning and goContinue reading “A new story begins…”

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